A minor update and why Asuka Hybrid 11 isn’t done yet.

Anyone following the discord chat already knows this but for anyone that isn’t here is an update.  A while ago three people volunteered to help with the series, including a translator.  Everything was progressing smoothly.  Then work on chapter 11 slowed because I re-enrolled in college and someone else also had school.  So we don’t have as much free time as we did at the last Asuka Hybrid update.

The attached picture is one of my favorite unlicensed manga series (1/2 Prince) so this post has a picture to go with it.  I know it’s technically a manhwa, but I’ve only read a few manhwa so that wouldn’t be saying much if I called it “one of my favorite manhwa”.


I’m dropping the series “Rebirth” because TokyoPop is back.

“Rebirth” by Lee Kang-Woo was a good vampire action series from back in the day that I planned on scanlating because TokyoPop went bankrupt due to (well-intentioned but ultimately fatal) piracy about a decade ago before it could finish the final three volumes.  But they’re back now.  I recently saw three different manga series in physical bookstores published by them and one on Rightstuf.com for a total of four series.  I know that wasn’t some backlog the stores were trying to get rid of because the copyright date in them is from 2017 or 2018.  I will now drop “Rebirth” from my plan-to-do list on the small chance that they pick it back up because I don’t want to harm whatever sales the series might get.

If TokyoPop goes bankrupt again then “Rebirth” will go back on my list of series to scanlate.

Asuka Hybrid 11 and 11.2 raws are ready to be downloaded. Now I need a translator.


I’ve combined the raws for Asuka Hybrid 11 and 11.2 into panels from the parts of panels that the online reader showed them in.  They still need to be combined into pages but I’ll do that after translation.  I tried OCR (optical character recognition) but it picked up only some of the text, not all.  With a machine translator I got the gist of what the characters were saying (no pun intended), but it left out some speech and included none of the “side thoughts” that are sometimes written in small text outside of speech bubbles.

Chapter 11.2 isn’t some omake.  It’s a full chapter itself based on the number of panels it had.

I’m not a sports fan, but I recently found a unique picture of Saber cheering for England’s soccer team.  I like it.  Source: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=69391086

The raw chapters are numbered differently for some reason.

For some reason on Manga Kingdom (that’s the English name of the Japanese website according to Google Translate) their chapter 11 is an earlier chapter that has already been translated.  Maybe the fact that I’m using a machine translator instead of a human one has something to do with it.  I’ll post a screenshot to show what I mean.  When the site says “episodes” I think that’s just the translator making a mistake.  Fortunately, the real chapter numbers are in the titles themselves.

On another topic, I’m wondering if each panel was seperated into it’s own page to make it harder for pirates to take and translate the chapters while keeping it easy for paying customers to read manga.  Another thing the site does is sometimes pan to the side when it’s a wide angle shot or zoom in so you don’t always have the full panel in view.  It basically follows the path on the page your eyes would follow anyway.  This doesn’t necessarily make it impossible to compile the panels into proper pages, it just makes it more difficult.

I’m picking up the series “Asuka Hybrid” and I have access to the all the RAWs.

Since Masked Llama (http://kissthellama.blogspot.com/) has fallen off the internet I’m taking it upon myself to scanlate the rest of the series.  The biggest problem for him and everyone else on the internet was we didn’t have the raws but now I do.  A few years ago I tried to buy it online directly from an official Japanese website but couldn’t because I needed a Japanese cell phone number to register.  I don’t need that anymore.  I registered and added enough money to buy all 33 chapters for about 1300 yen or $13 so I bought the whole series instead of just ch. 11-33 (about 40 yen per chapter).  I assume it was so cheap because it was so old and because it was digital.  But still, 40 cents per chapter!  I know 1 cent doesn’t equal 1 yen but it’s close enough.

Now I have a new problem but it’s more of an annoyance than an obstacle.  They’ve seperated each panel/frame into it’s own page.  They didn’t hide this fact before I purchased it, but I don’t have any other source so I bought it anyway because I like the series and I want closure.

Getting the feeling of closure is actually half the reason I made this one-man scanlation “group”.  The other reasons being I like the series and if I simply wait for someone else to do it it won’t ever be done.


TL;DR I legally bought chapters 1-33 but each frame/panel is split into it’s own page.

I’m back, sort of.

UPDATE (5/23/18): I just noticed I lost the raws of Asuka Hybrid chapters 11-23.  I don’t know when this happened.  This sucks because I had just decided to start on those even though Rebirth isn’t done.

I got a modern desktop computer today to replace my 10-year old laptop.  That’s not the reason I was thinking of while I procrastinated this whole time, but now I have no excuse not to scanlate Rebirth.

The reason I’ve been procrastinating is I’m lazy and I never set myself a deadline to do it by.  So I’ll set one now.  I’ll start working on scanning the German volumes of Rebirth into my computer this Saturday.  I only know English but I solve that problem later (I’ll probably use Google Translate if I don’t find someone to translate it).

If Masked Llama Scans doesn’t do more chapters of “Asuka Hybrid” by Ken+ by the time I’m done with Rebirth then I will since I HAVE ALL THE RAWS for the untranslated chapters, courtesy of a nice stranger over on  Masked Llama’s blog.

I’m going to scanlate the remaining chapters of “Rebirth” by Woo

If any manga company has any interest in re-licensing “Rebirth” into English to finish the series contact me or comment below saying as much and I will immediately stop what I’m doing. Which, at the time of this writing, is nothing so far.

The manhwa featuring the vampire Deshwitat was previously published in English by Tokyopop before it was forced to close down all/most manga publishing in America.  I liked that series a lot (I grew up with it a decade ago!) and since no other scanlation group or legal English manga publishing company is relicensing it I’m going to do it.  I have German raws of the final three volumes waiting to be scanned (I actually have the last 4 volumes but since the last official English volume was 2-in-1 that makes it the last 3 volumes).  If any German-to-English translators are interested leave a comment below

I’m naturally a procrastinator so this will take a while, especially since I’ve never scanlated anything or used Photoshop before.  But if you like the series as much as I do then I am the only hope you have of ever reading the last parts of the series in English.

I named my one-person scanlation “group” Resurrected Scans because it’s a synonym for the series’ title and because I am resurrecting the series from being incomplete.

Because I both like “Rebirth” a lot and no other group/person/company has translated it into English in the past decade I’ve decided to do it… I’ll even type every sentence into Google Translate if I have to!  I’d obviously prefer a human translator but I’ll take what I can get.